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Creators, Entrepreneurs & Brands

Love Bug has created a line of services that, in response to the changing nature of the creative business, gives doers and entrepreneurs more control and allows them to work and integrate with brands as effectively as possible.

To do this, we thoroughly assess the creator's online presence before launching an improved ecosystem that connects all the dots in his/her career.

Our work with creative businesses so far covers all of the aspects listed below. We understand and adapt to its existing structure, delivering value wherever our mission is focused.

Digital Communications

Communications are the key to sustainable growth and maintaining your community's engagement.

We’ve worked with all type of creative industries and brands for which we have developed strategic planning for content creation and social media management.

Data driven analysis of content and key indicators allows our content department to consistently evolve and make the most of your work across your whole ecosystem.

E-commerce and Marketing

Love Bug has set up and created e-commerce solutions for creators and brands, empowering them to grow and evolve their business with direct revenue streams.

Our solutions include paid digital media strategies that grow your audiences and create a lifetime value from your most reliable fans and customers.

We create fully automated solutions that can operate independently and integrate a complete ecosystem of channels including TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Google and YouTube while you continue to create and develop your brand.

Consulting & Workshops

At Love Bug we love to share our knowledge. Having obtained valuable experience across many creative industries, digital media and marketing key roles; we have consulted for artists and businesses to help them evolve and operate autonomously.

We’ve designed and put into operation digital media and communications strategies for internal communications teams helping them increase their operational and strategic capabilities.

We regularly participate in music conferences and create bespoke workshops for artists, managers and organizations outside the music industry.

Who we've worked with

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